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About Daniel Jacob

About Daniel Jacob

Daniel Jacob is a successful men’s dating expert and founder of Everlasting Confidence. Over the last 10 years, Daniel has personally transformed from an insecure and socially anxious “nice guy” into a naturally confident man that effortlessly attracts high-quality women.

Since starting the Accelerator Program in 2018, Daniel has helped over 250+ men develop authentic self-confidence and create a fulfilling dating life that complements their career and business success.


About The Accelerator Program

About The Accelerator Program

The three phases

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    To gain authentic confidence around beautiful women you need the right foundation - which in this context are the internal beliefs that attract the highest caliber of women.

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    Installing these foundational beliefs is what has allowed our clients to create lasting first impressions within seconds of first meeting a woman.

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    While most guys are busy watching random YouTube videos or taking advice from pick-up artists - trying to memorize lines and tactics that never feel authentic.

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    Our clients avoid these pitfalls by getting access to The Attractive Mindset Training.

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    You’ll watch over Daniel's shoulder as he teaches you the right beliefs to truly gain control of your dating life.

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    The best part, you don’t ever have to say anything corny or lame.

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    Instead, you’ll replace your outdated beliefs around your self-worth and upgrade them for ones that are congruent with success with women.

1. Attractive Mindset


2. Golden

After installing “The Attractive Mindset”,
we ignite your confidence.

You’ll get access to interactive training using accelerated learning technology taught by Daniel. In other words we are going to have you jump on a call with live female models, we set that up for you and you do practice interactions.

These are game changers for identifying your blind spots that usually sabotage your interactions and chances of getting the girl. While you’re interacting, Daniel will carefully analyze everything, from your vibe to your body language, eye contact, vocal tonality, and even what you say. Complete 360 interaction analysis, so you know where you’re going wrong and how to mitigate it.

Our expert eyes can spot your strengths, weaknesses, and biggest opportunities for improvement instantly. After each interaction, Daniel will give you precise and detailed feedback that is critical in making every one of your interactions better than the last, until you can interact with women with 100% confidence.


3. Miami Mastermind

  • It’s time to put it all to the test as you graduate to our final phase:

    In-person Private Mastermind in Miami
  • Here, you’ll work on executing and mastering this
    priceless skillset in the most efficient way possible.
  • It's time to get up close and personal with Daniel as you
    learn advanced attraction strategies like: engaging
    groups of women, overcoming tests, taking the lead,
    and generating sexual tension.

  • This immersive experience with other men,
    just like you, who are committed to success in their
    dating life is the cheat code to leaping several years
    ahead in your dating journey.


We’ll be stepping out into Miami's bustling streets, to apply your new skills in lounges, cafes, malls, and outdoor bars. Working with our coaches, in a city that has some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Bringing together your new skills and unrecognizable new confidence… which may lead to instant dates or even you spending the night together.

But most importantly, real-world experience gives you the certainty that when you head home you will be able to meet and attract women, anytime and anywhere.



The Accelerator Program is not cheap. If you’re looking to price shop we are probably not the best fit for you because there are plenty of other more affordable dating courses out there. The investment for the Accelerator Program reflects the value and results that we deliver for our clients. To learn more apply for an interview to see if it’s a win-win for us to work together.

The Accelerator Program is an intensive 12 week program.

The Accelerator Program consists of a lifetime access digital portal, 12 weeks of virtual coaching calls and a 2-day in person mastermind in Miami.

Once you complete phase 1 (The Attractive Mindset) and phase 2 (Golden Interaction Training) of the Accelerator Program you will be eligible to join one of our Miami Masterminds. We host the in person masterminds every other month and they are included in the Accelerator Program. You can attend the mastermind that best fits your schedule.

It all depends on how committed you are to achieving your dating goals. Clients that consistently execute on everything inside of the Accelerator Program feel an internal shift in their confidence around women within 1-2 weeks and see a radical change in their external results with women within 3-4 weeks. If you show up and do the work you will get results.